Wallenhorst: with real hospitality and well worth visiting

Wallenhorst is a very young community founded in 1972 by merging the previous communities Hollage, Lechtingen, Rulle and Wallenhorst. Today almost 24.000 residents live on 47 square kilometers in the four community parts. The community is situated approximately 10 kilometers north of Osnabrück city.

It is a great place to take a break and explore the natural scenery: our woods, fields and alluvial meadows. On our linear walks you pass by the “Hollager Berg”, go through our “Nettetal” or take a walk along river “Hase”.

By bike you can follow along rivers on the “Hase-Ems-Tour” or the “Brückenradweg Osnabrück–Bremen”. You can visit historical windmills of the region cycling along the “Niedersächsische Mühlentour”. Last but not least three “TERRA trails” are available which are adventure routes through the UNESCO Global Geopark. There are several water sport activities that allow you to discover our community from the river “Hase” or from the canal.

If you are interested in history you can visit one of the most important historic monuments which is said to have been founded by Karl the Great: the “Alte Alexanderkirche”. The “Wittekindsburg” the largest fortification of early history in Lower Saxony as well as the windmill in Lechtingen build in 1887 and restored in the 1980’s can be discovered.

Furthermore concerts and exhibitions are organised by the community as well as by the approximately 100 societies and unions.

Wallenhorst offers great possibilities not only for recreational activities, but also for work and learning. Many different work places and apprenticeship training positions are available in Wallenhorst’s own industrial estate. It is also close to Osnabrück and has a good traffic infrastructure.

We are very proud to have partner communities Stawiguda in Poland and Priverno in Italy and a friendship with the city of Mirow in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

Hopefully, eventhough there might be a language barrier, our webpage gives you an idea of our community. You can also send us an e-mail if you require more information.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wallenhorst!